Gusj Projects: Horeca

Together with the owners of this bar we created a great mix between authentic en modern. They wanted a bar were you feel warm and welcome but with an authentic touch.

Reusing old ceiling panels to finish the bar with and using stunning tiles to create different areas. Giving old materials a new life is one of the values of Gusj. Styling everything with Gusj items that have character, colors and textures we tried to create a perfect mix between old and new.

Our interior architects and stylists always try to find a balance between the customers desire and the Gusj philosophy.

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Gusj Projects: a house in Ibiza

It is beautiful to work with customers who have the same philosophy as us. This was the case with the owners of the house in Ibiza. After renewing a house with extremely good taste and excellent finishes, they were looking for to fill their home with a positive and authentic style.

They called the house “Villa del Monte”, the house of the hill, for its exceptional situation from where you can enjoy of stunning views of the sea and the island of Formentera. It has a capacity of 14 people, spacious rooms, swimming pool and common spaces indoor and outdoor.

For the interior design we created a balance between the minimalistic architecture of the house and the personality of our products. Gusj items have textures, colors, special shapes, wood carves… that match perfectly with the materials of the house. We achieve a great result playing with contrast.

Following the values of Gusj, we reused old materials that we found in the house to create decoration pieces, like the antique dusty ceramic pots that we found in the cellar or the old rope that we used to design a “macrame” wall.



If you are interested in the Gusj Projects department, contact the office to know more about our projects and how we could work together. Our interior architects and stylists will help you to create spaces with personality.


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