The story of Gusj

A selection of unique furnishing findings


The Story of Gusj

GUSJ is THE inspirational lifestyle brand. For the wayward life artists. A huge collection of big and small must-haves. For your house, garden, kitchen and yourself. For colorful and creative living – nice and relaxed, exactly how you want it. At Gusj you can indulge yourself. Wandering around: in unique findings and trendy creations – each one with a story. The world of Gusj about “love at first sight.”

The man behind Gusj is Joop van de Ven (1970): father of Guus (° 2002) and Sjors (° 2000). Ah, that explains the fascinating name!


Joop is an adventurous globetrotter and entrepreneur at heart. Trading is in his blood. Despite his age, he is actually already an ‘old warhorse’, with over 20 years of experience in interior design. As a young rookie, he earned pocket money with antique-polishing. He became fascinated by architecture and interior design, triggered by different cultures and continents. He knows what is for sale in the world!

And last but not least: he is a purebred mingler. He enjoys the most of the good life … and living. That is what he really cares about. He wants to share this with the world. That’s why he has created Gusj!


Gusj is an inspiring lifestyle-world for wayward life artists: for you & me who wants to get EVERYTHING out of life. Nothing should, anything GOES. Cooking, drinks, (world) traveling, shopping, markets, enjoy terraces, wandering,… Life is about your family & friends, Happinez & fun. Home is a feeling. Your home reflects your vibrant life: exciting, fascinating, inspiring,…

The Gusj-world has fits you like a glove. A huge collection of big and small must-haves. For your house, garden, kitchen – and yourself. Here you can indulge yourself! Brilliant colors you only find in the Orient. Flashback: you see yourself lazing in the sun. Hip (home)accessories that make you sooo happy. Ancient artifacts and unique art treasures from mysterious lands. In your mind you fly away again …. Old materials and components: with traces left on them by human hands, life and time. Your imagination runs wild … “What would that have been trough?” Unprecedented trendsetting things: you can steal the show! Natural materials, not to compare with an industrial mass product.

These things do not just come naturally. For Gusj Joop actually travels around the world. Strolls down the country – looking for …? Well, who knows … He has a nose for ‘unique’, an eye for detail. As a seasoned pioneer, he always finds it!

Behind each unique find is a story that tells about the material, a recycling idea, a ‘beach-life atmosphere, an ancient craft, a characteristic shape, a rich tradition, an intriguing texture. That tells about love at first sight. You see something and know right away: YES! That is the feeling what Joop would like to share: you, him and her, with all Gusj fans.

And look: that blissful smile from ear to ear. The ultimate proof that a finding is ‘Gusj-proof’. Approved to (let someone) take it home.

Always exciting: Joop goes on a journey and brings back…. Look! Feel! Oh my Gusj!


Surf the Gusj website: here you can discover the huge collection at ease and order. Because, gone is gone. Tip: look regularly, d’not wait too long. In other words: a must look.

Come to the Gusj Market in Eindhoven: here you can indulge yourself, you immerse into the wonderful Gusj-world. Now that’s pure enjoyment – with all the senses. Exciting! Look .. Feel …. You keep wandering around, over and over again discover unique findings and trendy creations. Each one: must haves!

Besides, the Gusj Market Hall is of course the dream setting for stylists, photographers and designers. Come and see, or …

Visit the Gusj showroom in Mol: a source of inspiration for every stylist (interior) architect, project designer and designer. Without exaggeration: a must-see for every interior design professional! Without doubt, a must go!

Book a stay at the Gusj House in Ibiza: Maximum relaxation & enjoyment in the ultimate Gusj spheres. A dream retreat: rest, sea, beach, intimate dinners or wild parties, delicious food & some more drinks. What else do you want? So, a must do!

Gosj, it’s all so… Oh my Gusj!


Emiel Becquaertlaan 94a
2400, Mol, Belgium
Phone: +32 (0)14 321 032


Monday – Thursday: 9.30 – 16.30
Friday – Sunday: Closed


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